What is Route28?

The Route28 Summits are educational workshops designed for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who are interested in applied biomedical sciences. The annual topics focus on current problems in neurological disease and injury. Attendees benefit from unequalled access to world leaders in research and medicine and are challenged to work with these leaders on problems that have not found solutions in modern medicine.

The Motivation behind the Route28 Summits

Although traditional scientific meetings provide information and ideas, the opportunity for students and fellows to interact with national caliber scientists comes relatively infrequently, even when there are 20,000 or more scientists packed into one small city. However, by the odd twist of fate, students may occasionally find themselves stepping off the bus - in an unknown neighborhood - in a distant city - only to be drawn into conversation with a well known scientist on a topic very close to home. The sole ambition of Route28 is to provide the raw materials for these career shaping events by cornering a dozen or more elusive world-caliber neuro-gurus in a single room with 45 students. Faculty and teams of students are then let loose to solve three critical problems in biomedical science.

Three simple rules have been adopted for The Route28 Summits: provide the means for students to access the most respected scientists in the world, provide ample opportunity for students to interact with these faculty, and provide motive for these interactions to be very productive. The workshop format provides all three in an intensive week-long workshop where attendees work in teams to generate state of the art research approaches to clinical problems in the biomedical sciences.

To provide a counter balance for the intense study and planning, the Summits are also held in some of the most beautiful and tranquil venues available. The final goal is to create an environment of memorable experiences as well as long-lasting and productive relationships between colleagues.

Through the dedication and foresight of the National Institutes of Health and numerous private and corporate sponsors, Route28 has been able to offer trainees the opportunity to brainstorm with the world's leading scientists on numerous topics. We commend our sponsors for their continued commitment to the future of biomedical science.

The Route28 Team

The Route28 Summits are educational workshops organized by a team of volunteers who are committed to creating enjoyable and effective learning environments. Since 1999, Route28 has hosted several workshops in the US and Europe. The Summits operate on a non-profit basis with donations and grants from forward thinking individuals and organizations.

Where did the name "Route28 Summits" come from?

Metro Route28: Departing downtown Seattle, stopping Fremont, Ballard.
In the aftermath of crowded lecture halls and inaudible speakers three disillusioned fellows took reprieve from a singularly disappointing symposium. Fate found the fellows stepping off the bus and into an oasis of engaging dinner conversation and the realization dawned that more scientific information is exchanged with a friendly schooner of ale than with hours of lectures. The concept of the Route28 Summits was born.